Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keeping up with your coupons

I took a little break from couponing and I've now returned to it. And while I was taking a break I was careful to at least file my inserts by date. If I have the time to collate and staple the inserts on Sunday afternoon it helps with cutting later as I need them.

So...your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to get a box with a few hanging file folders. Put in a stapler, some large paper clips, a pair of scissors, and a fat tip black marker. When you receive your coupons in the Sunday paper (preferably multiple copies) take two seconds and write the insert initials SS (for Smart Source) or RP (for Red Plum) on the front of the insert and the month and date (for example 3/28). If you don't have time for the next step then file at this point. Use the large paper clips to hold it all neatly together. If you have about 5-10 minutes more lay out the inserts and collate each page. As you collate look at the pages and staple what you think you MIGHT use. Put it all back together and file it. You then only have to cut once instead of multiple times for each "like" coupon. If you don't want to cut at this point then simple file the inserts. Use a coupon site like to see what the deals are for each week. Then you simply pull your inserts and cut only what you will use that week.

It's a simple start that will save hundreds of dollars each month and several thousand dollars each year.

How can I make this kind of promise?

I do it each and every week!

And you can too!

And it's REALLY fun to save that kind of money!

A cheap haircut is NOT worth it!

OH MY!!!

I recently went to a new stylist for a haircut. My dh routinely has his hair cut by this woman but WOW she did a bad job on me! UUUGGGHHHHHH!!!

Lesson #1: Always trust your gut instinct regarding your hair.
Lesson #2 Always remember Lesson #1.

I don't believe that a good haircut has to be costly but if you have fine hair like me NEVER go to a quick cut for a cheap price place. They simply aren't willing to spend the time with fine hair. Fine hair shows everything. Good, bad and everything in between.

Enough said.