Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Change the World" with your spare change

I just found something that I couldn't keep quiet about.

I have been donating some of my free stuff from my Walgreens trips to the local food bank here and there.

Now I am really going to strive to do this weekly.

I found a wonderful little idea at a site called

Did you know that the average home generates about $5.00 in change each week? The ladies over at Saving Addiction have a plan for you to use that spare change to help others. You set aside that money specifically to purchase items to donate. They encourage you to make this a weekly practice and see the difference that you can make with your own eyes. They donate monthly but I like to do it weekly.

I have been very encouraged by what I've been able to give lately. It's a wonderful thing and it's a very tangible way to give a little more.

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