Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organizing Challenge Progress Link Up #1

Before I went out of town for a few days I accomplished soooo much!  I cleared the antique desk, the little green dresser, the floor at the end of the bed, and the sewing cabinet.

I took several boxes of things to the thrift store and kept two boxes for the yard sales.  I'm hoping for a yard sale this coming Friday morning.  Anything left will go straight to the thrift store.

I'm really pleased with my mental changes.  While we were out of town I really thought about my magazine purchases.  I only purchased two that I really wanted to read.  I also did A LOT of thinking about purging the magazines at home.  I have some old yoga, sewing and quilting  magazines that are now on their way to the library.  That simply act has cleared out some magazine boxes for my current interests.  I'm now thinking about my personal bookshelves.  There are several titles I simply dust.  The shelves are in our master bedroom and the next time you see them they will be very different!

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